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It – There

Fill in the correct form of ‘it‘ or ‘there‘ and the verb ‘to be‘.

In our summer holidays we went to Denmark. such a wonderful country. We have been there every summer since 1998, because so many nice people there. The weather is also usually good. hardly ever any rain when we are there. We always stay in the same little village, renting the same house from the same old couple. After all these years like coming home. Morten and Helle have the most beautiful garden. I suppose at least one hundred different plants, flowers and trees around the houses. a swimming pool too, which is pleasant as the village is inland. Their property is quite large, so in addition to their own house and the house they let out room enough for one house for each of their two children as well. They have four children each, so quite crowded around the houses when my family is there as well. When we are in Denmark we always make a visit to the zoo. My little brother loves all sorts of animals and he would not make our holiday very pleasant if we refused to go there. a large elephant in the zoo, which he is especially fond of. I think because his favourite toy used to be an elephant which he lost when he was four.

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