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The Romans in Britain

Working with vocabulary. Fill in the blanks.

Fill in the blanks by using the following words:
legionaries, Rome, loads, roads, centuries, home, heating, aqueducts

The Romans gave us utfylling hint= svar=aqueducts lengde=18 , fine buildings and straight utfylling hint= svar=roads lengde=18 , where all those Roman utfylling hint= svar=legionaries lengde=18 marched with heavy utfylling hint= svar=loads lengde=18 . They gave us central utfylling hint= svar=heating lengde=18 , good laws, a peaceful utfylling hint= svar=home lengde=18 … then after just four utfylling hint= svar=centuries lengde=18 they shuffled back to utfylling hint= svar=Rome lengde=18 .

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