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  Individual and Society
Making Learning Extraordinary
Listening Comprehension
For The Teacher


Are these statements true or false?

1. Keds was waiting outside the H&M when he was smashed by the shopping chart.
2. Michael’s sister washes her hair with beer, mayonnaise and eggs.
3. After having stopped going to school, Michael misses homework.
4. The automatic garage door opens every time a car passes the house.
5. The story takes place in summer.
6. It is not only Keds’ death which makes Michael unhappy.
7. Michael’s father tends to bring things up and then let them drop.
8. Michael is asked to leave his Spanish class to see the headmaster.
9. To graduate you have to attend school for a hundred and eighty days.
10. Mrs. Dietrich has a terrible handwriting.
11. Michael accompanies his sister at work when he wants to get away from home.
12. Michael feels that no one understands him.

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