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Freedom Fighters
Global Issues
On Top - Down Under
Listening Comprehension
For the Teacher


Galith SULTAN / RAPHO / Eyedea / All Over Press

Analyse the picture

1. Which flags can you see in this picture?
2. Which colours do you see?
3. Are there any contrasts in this picture?
4. There are two women visible in the picture. What do you think is their relationship?
5. What are they occupied with?
6. In your mind – why are the two women sitting here?
7. Comment on the use of flags in this picture.
8. Creative writing:
  • a. Write a description of the picture to one who has not seen the picture
  • b. Write the dialogue between these two women
  • c. Some will see a road in this picture.
    • Use this road as a starting-point for a story where the two women are characters.
    • Write a text where a road is an important symbol

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