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2: Answer Key (p. 294)

Checkpoints (p. 294)
  1. Orthorexia is a fixation on healthy eating.
  2. It could lead to bulimia, because one might want to get rid of unhealthy food when having eaten it. Because of the rigid nature of the disease it can eventually also lead to anorexia.
  3. Medical experts blame celebrities and the media. Teenagers copy celebrities’ strict diets. The best sellers Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch in the Kitch are also blamed for being responsible.
  4. For teenagers it is unhealthy eliminating entire food groups.
  5. It is no longer healthy when it is all you can think of or when it prevents you from living a normal life. It has gone too far when you stop socializing, dating, doing exercises or if you are no longer able to concentrate in school.

Checkpoints (p. 295) - Proof Positive
  1. “Bust a move” advises young people to play sports. It builds confidence and teaches you about healthy choices. “The write stuff” says that journaling is good for you. Putting your emotions on paper boosts immunity and decreases anxiety. “Different drummer” encourages teenagers to follow their dreams. To do what you are passionate about is good for your self-esteem. “Helping hand” explains how helping others is good for you. It makes you more happy and satisfied as well as being good for you self-esteem and your health.
  2. All advice given in this column helps increasing self-esteem and improves health.

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