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1: Answer Key (p. 302)

  1. Gideon called Teddy “Little Yellow Head” after he had picked up Teddy’s golden locks of hair. And after that it became the child’s native name.2.
  2. Teddy came home one day, crying his heart out. A tree snake had spat into his eyes. The venomous poison will blind a person if one is not treated quickly.
  3. Examples where the whites depend on their black servants are when they relied on Gideon to find medicine for the snake venom, and also when the white people understood that Gideon had found medicine against venomous snakes, they wanted him to tell them where he got it, and what type of root it was.
  4. Gideon may have refused to share his expertise with the whites because they would misuse the information. He may also be sceptical because of the white people’s actions on the African continent, and he may feel that giving up that information would be a betrayal of his own people.

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