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Peter Marlow / Magnum Photos / All Over Press

Analyse the picture

1. Divide the picture in accordance with the golden sector * – what do you find?
2. In your opinion where is the focal point in this picture?
3. What is in the background of this picture?
4. What is in the foreground?
5. Comment on 3 and 4 – why is this done, in your opinion?
6. The American flag is made into a bundle, separating the soldier’s hand from the nameplate. Why is this so, in your understanding of the picture?
7. There are two hands visible in this picture. Analyse these hands closely and give your thoughts about their role in the picture.
8. Say something about the soldier’s body language.
9. Creative writing:
a. Write the thoughts of the soldier.
b. Write the inner dialogue between the soldier and one of the names on the nameplate.
c. Write the dialogue between the soldier and the person holding a hand on his shoulder.

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