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For the Teacher

1: Answer Key (p. 200)


Some students might suggest that she stays inside her house because she is afraid of the new world outside, or that she can not speak English or that she has no one to visit.

  1. When her son speaks English he becomes part of the new world that she does not belong to. In a way she loses her son to an unknown world where he becomes American. Her dream is to go back to Mexico – to go home. Her son speaking English indicates that America is home.
  2. Moving abroad one will probably miss things that are hard to find in the new country like certain Norwegian foods. Most of all one will miss people that are dear to us – friends and family along with the feeling of being “home” meaning understanding all the details in a society.
  3. Answers will differ here - my suitcase would probably contain pictures, my ipod, symbolic items – like a dried rose from my beautiful garden.
  4. Answers here might resemble the previous answer.
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