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For The Teacher

2: Teaching Tips

Lesson Plan
For a lesson plan using Michael Wood’s documentary “In Search of Shakespeare” go to PBS. This lesson plan can be used even without the film.

Group Work
Divide the students into groups, each responsible for one poem.
  • Have them identify what the poem is about and answer the checkpoints / research and discover questions.
  • Ask each group to read the poem out loud – using choreography and different ways of reading (in unison, using music, rapping, every other word etc.)
  • Have the students write a modern version of the poem.

Memorizing Poetry
Allow the students to memorize one of the poems. Memorizing poetry is an art that is quickly disappearing, even though this is an excellent way to work on pronunciation and is good practice for other things that need to be memorized.

Writing a Sonnet
The greatest challenge you can give your students concerning sonnets is found in the creative stunt on page 119: writing one.

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