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  Events that Made Britain
The Peoples of the United Kingdom
Youth Issues
The Media
Politics in the UK
English Literature
Listening Comprehension
For The Teacher

2: PowerPoint Presentation

  • Write the question on the blackboard/overhead or power point slide. There is a power point made up for you that will take you and your class through the instructions in this document. If you want to add pictures to it, you must do so yourself as copyright laws do not allow us to do it for you. (You may of course just use the question on the handout/in the textbook, but then students already know what they will be doing if they turn the page. Sometimes it is better to keep them guessing.)
  • Have the students discuss the questions with each other. They should identify different kinds of conversations they have had.
  • Some suggestions:
    • getting information
    • discussions
    • arguments
    • deep interpersonal talks about personal topics (feelings, problems, dreams etc.)
    • small talk
    • flirting
  • Which factors determine the kind of conversation?
    • place, time, mood, person, the objective
  • How much of their time is spent in small talk and how many really deep conversations they have per day.

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