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The British Monarchy (Webquest)

At the official web site of the British Monarchy you can find information about the royal family and the history of the monarchy.
  • Find facts. The Queen is of course the centre of attention. If you follow the link “Media Centre” and then go to “Fact Files” you will find a list of facts about the Queen and about Buckingham Palace. Read both lists and find at least five facts about each which you did not already know.
  • Follow the link “Royal Engagements Diary” and find out which engagements different members of the royal family have this week. This information tells us a little bit about what kind of job it is being a member of the royal family. If you want further challenges, you can follow the link “The Monarchy Today”. Here you will find information about the queen’s role. What are her responsibilities and what is a constitutional monarchy?
  • The British Monarchy’s website has a large section on the history of the monarchy. Find out why Edward VIII reigned the country for only eleven months, January–December 1936.
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