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Making Learning Extraordinary
Listening Comprehension
For The Teacher

2: Teaching Tips

Questions to the Film
  1. What kind of school is Welton?
  2. What are the school’s ideals? Do such ideals necessarily mean the same to everyone?
  3. If you were attending Welton, and Mr Keating was your poetry teacher, how would you describe him to your parents?
  4. How is the relationship between the teacher John Keating and his students?
  5. Why did Mr Keating tell his students to rip out the introduction of the poetry book?
  6. Why did the students decide to create a Dead Poets Society?
  7. What is the relationship between Neil and his father like?
  8. Why was Neil’s father so upset when Neil decided to try to become an actor?
  9. Which aspects of his student’s personalities and which talents do Mr Keating want to develop?
  10. Why did Neil decide to commit suicide?
  11. At the point when Neil decides to commit suicide we see him with a rosary on his head. Do you think this is any kind of symbolism? If so, is this symbol adequate?
  12. Why did Mr Nolan and the school administration force the boys to sign the paper blaming Mr Keating for Neil’s death?
  13. Do you think Neil still would have eventually committed suicide if Mr Keating had never come into his life?

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