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For The Teacher

1: Answer Key (p. 41)

  1. Name some words that are pronounced differently in AE (GA) and BE (RP).
    • Renaissance, advertisement, herb, schedule, leisure, tomato, vitamin, aluminium, ate
  2. Name the five main spelling differences between AE and BE.
    1. Some words that end in – ter in AE, end in –tre in BE
      • theater (AE), theatre (BE)
      • center (AE), centre (BE)
    2. Some words that end in –og in AE, end in –ogue in BE
      • monolog (AE), monologue (BE)
      • catalog (AE), catalogue (BE)
    3. Some words that end in –or in AE, end in –our in BE.
      • color (AE), colour (BE)
      • neighbor (AE), neighbour (BE)
    4. Verbs that end in –ize/yze in AE, end in –ise/yse in BE.
      • analyze (AE), analyse (BE)
    5. In BE, the –l at the end of a word is doubled when a new ending is added. In AE the –l is only doubled if the stress is originally on the second syllable:
      • rebel – rebelled (AE), rebel – rebelled (BE)
      • travel – traveler (AE), travel – traveller (BE)

Language Work
  • BE - I am knackered and I must go to the loo.
  • AE - I am tired and have to go to the bathroom.
  • BE - Are there any WCs close by?
  • AE - Is there a restroom close by?
  • BE - Must I queue up behind that bloke?
  • AE - Do I have to get in line behind that guy?
  • BE - Is there a chemist anywhere close?
  • AE - Is there a drugstore/pharmacy around here?
  • BE - I am peckish.
  • AE - I am hungry.
  • BE - At the zebra crossing the lollipop lady directed us to take a diversion, but my lorry was almost out of petrol and it was impossible.
  • AE - At the crosswalk the crossing guard directed us to take a detour, but my truck was almost out of gas and it was impossible.

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