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1: Answer Key (p. 36)

  1. Herrick could be addressing young people who are about to discover the world on their own.
  2. He seems to say that one should act before it is too late, to enjoy life while you can, to embrace. “To gather your rose-buds while you may” is a metaphor for capturing the moment, to seize the day – Carpe Diem!
  3. Herrick tells his readers to relish life when they are young, or in general to enjoy life before it is too late. He argues that nothing exceeds life when you are young and time will only remind you of the life you lived when you were young. It is up to you to decide the quality of your memories.
  4. “Go marry” may be a metaphor for dedicating yourself to life, to look at life as a spouse that nourishes you and vice versa. If you commit yourself to life and everything it has to offer, you will probably savor it to the fullest.

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