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Making Learning Extraordinary
Listening Comprehension
For The Teacher

1: Answer Key (p. 29, 36)

Checkpoints (p.29)
  1. Neil knew how strict a father Mr. Perry was. It was highly unlikely that Neil would be allowed to enter the play considering the ambitions his father had on his behalf.
  2. Neil did not tell his father about the play and that indirectly made a liar out of Mr. Perry, when he denied that his son was in a play. Also see below.
  3. Mr. Perry wants his son to succeed in life, but only on his terms, i.e academically speaking and not in arts. He is probably just trying to protect his son from having too many extra-curricular activities that could jeopardize Neil’s marks and academic achievement.
  4. The scene is very tense. Neil is facing a massive choice that will be immensely important for his future career. Mr. Keating offers advice believing that Neil indeed will speak to his father and tell him how he really feels about acting.
  5. Mr. Keating jokes about having taken the monastic oath and that he can have no distractions that may impede his teaching. It seems like his dream in life is to teach and to make a difference while doing so.
  6. Mr. Keating simply states that he loves teaching. He would want no other profession.

Language Workshop (p. 36)
  1. There are many different characters in Dead Poet Society. (it and there)
  2. Neil’s dream is to become an actor. (apostrophe, a/an)
  3. I think that Mr. Keating’s teaching methods are great. (usage, apostrophe)
  4. The boys attend Welton prep school. (apostrophe/plural nouns, capital letters)
  5. They all have Mr. Keating in English. (capital letters)
  6. Mr. Keating, who was also a student at Welton, teaches them to think for themselves. (relative pronouns, teach/learn)
  7. Neil always obeyed his father. (-ing form, adverb of frequency/spelling)
  8. Neil is a good student and works well. (adjective or adverb)
  9. In the beginning, Todd was very shy. (word order)
  10. Physics is easy for Pitts, but not for Cameron. (singular noun, concord)
  11. Mr. Keating tries to give Neil good advice. (irregular verbs, wrong word/‘uncountable nouns)
  12. For Neil, 10 years is a long time. (concord)
  13. The Latin words carpe diem mean seize the day. (capital letters, spelling)
  14. Each of the boys does something that will change his life. (concord s-v, relative pronoun, possessive pronoun, concord )

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