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For The Teacher

1: Answer Key (p. 22)

  1. The man thought the sobbing sounded like an imperfection in a machine wheel. A rhythmic, constant sound like “click, click, click”.
  2. He did it instinctively, since he did not want the other passengers to think that he had anything to do with the woman.
  3. When you cry, you make more noise and your body will respond physically. When you sob, it is more of a quiet action. It may also be harder for others to detect your sobbing than your crying.
  4. It is hard to say, but they may have thought that it was he who made the woman sob. And if so, why would he sit there so quietly when his girlfriend was sobbing?
  5. He realised that the other passengers also felt uncomfortable about the sobbing woman and that the college boy had occupied the seat before the protagonist got on the bus.
  6. He got up from his seat and mingled with the other passengers.

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