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Making Learning Extraordinary
Listening Comprehension
For The Teacher

2: Teaching Tips

Pre-Reading Activity

Find pictures of famous people and places, e.g. the Eiffel tower, the Statue of Liberty, Ayers Rock, the Chinese Wall, Golden Gate Bridge, Tower of London, Stonehenge, Easter Island Sculptures, U2, Eminem, Hilary Clinton, Ronaldo, Nelson Mandela, George Washington etc.
  • Guessing game – Where is it? Who is this?
  • Why this name, do you think?
  • Draw your favourite place – let the other students see your drawing and let them guess where it is

Chorus-Reading of The Text
  • Let the students read the text ‘My Name‘ silently and underline the sentences or parts of sentences they liked the best.
  • You read the text and the students read their underlined parts together with you. This is a beautiful way to read the text. Sometimes you are the only one who reads, other times you are joined by one single voice and in other parts there is a whole choir reading.
  • The students may talk to each other about which sentences they underlined. Do they know why they chose the sentences they did? Was there something in particular that they liked?

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