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  Individual and Society
Making Learning Extraordinary
Listening Comprehension
For The Teacher


Analyse the picture
  1. What colours are prominent in this picture? Comment on the use of colours.
  2. Can you find any contrasts in this picture?
  3. When you look at this picture, what would you say are the focal points?
  4. In mathematics you have studied the golden section – are there any golden sections in this painting?
  5. Study the facial expression of the young lady in the picture, what is she expressing in your opinion?
  6. If she could speak to you, what would she tell you?
  7. Creative writing:
    1. Write down the thoughts of the person in the picture
    2. Write a dialogue between yourself and the young lady in the picture
    3. Write a text of your own choice (poem, short story, song etc)

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