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  For The Teacher

Text Book Corrections

The following is a list of mistakes we have discovered in the Stunt text book after it was printed. The mistakes will be corrected in the next edition.
  • page 6: TITLE: English Literature: From old English to the Renaissance
  • page 16: No Man is an Island:lyrics and music by Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer. (See E-mail correspondance in:Chapter 5 - "Words, Words, Words" > Communicating with Technology > Exercises > E-mails )
  • page 183: Indian land was everything west of the Appalachian...
  • page 209: the Civil War (1861-1865)
  • page 209: History Timeline: 1960:Sit-in at Woolworths in Greensboro North Carolina
  • page 249: "Some feel they need..."
  • page 288: "I pour dust on his flesh."
  • page 316: predecessor- forgjenger
  • page 334: Parts of Speech
  • page 337: Conjunctions are joining